Supporting the impact of organisational changes to your space.

CDB helps you bring to life your organisational changes to support and anticipate the evolution of your workspaces.

To serve all users, office infrastructure must be considered as a living organism. Among other things, it must attract clients, talent, and be profitable, innovative and well positioned in its market—but also manage different careers, skills and generations, respect labour regulations and inspire a diverse workforce, all in a common spirit.

Consequently, it is necessary that both the organisation and its management principles continue to evolve. But above all, it is essential to facilitate relationships, the fluidity of interaction between employees and managers.

Today, work moves with the workers. It becomes important, therefore, to take into account all the different ways of working before planning a work environment.

In this global modern age, we must think of a corporate headquarters as an inclusive environment, a point of connection for all the teams: a place that allows them to maintain a link and sense of belonging in the company culture.

At CDB, we support leaders and managers in the spatial materialisation of their organisational model. We transform their workplace into a strategic lever that reinforces synergy and cohesion among teams.


  • Management diagnostics

  • Managing change workshop

  • Consultation workshop on work modalities

  • CDB ACADEMY (training on innovation and collective intelligence)


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