Eco-responsible spaces to contribute to a better world.

When we design your spaces, we favour eco-responsible solutions with the ambition to set a model example for future generations.

Adapting to the work modes and evolutions of our clients’ managerial strategies also means considering the social and energy impacts of their work environment on society in general.

At CDB we integrate a truly purposeful, ethical and eco-responsible approach. We are continually keeping up to date with the evolution of regulations and new uses for your spaces, which allows us to offer you products at the forefront of innovation and design, in compliance with safety, health and surface standards: healthy materials, energy-efficient structures, air-exchange systems, quality filtration…

We have a CSR charter, a diversity charter and ISO 26000 standardThis charter is an expression of CDB’s desire to take ownership of our impact on society and our responsibilities as a corporate citizen by designing eco-responsible spaces. The ISO 26000 standard constitutes guidelines for all who understand that socially responsible and environmentally friendly comportment in business stands as a key factor for success.

We use innovative materials in compliance with standards of health and safety.


  • Managing change through CSR

  • Density analysis

  • Compliance analysis

  • Hygiene and air quality assessment

  • Choice of certifications (HQE/WELL)

  • Green’ site methodology

  • Furniture recycling


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