Rethinking the workspace to improve employee experience.

CDB helps you rethink the potential of your spaces to improve your employees’ experience and sense of belonging in your organisation.

CDB makes your workplace a centre of innovative, inclusive and immersive experiences adapted to your lifestyle as well as to your objectives and company culture. Experiences centred on the human which respond to both individual and collective needs.

If, like us, you think a company’s reputation is at the heart of the exigences of the next generations of employees. We can together rethink the potential of your spaces by bringing them in harmony with your practices. Our teams will provide concrete spatial solutions to your expectations in terms of well-being, new modes of working (teleworking, nomadism, flex office), mobility, ergonomics and sustainable development. We want to guarantee the delivery of a meaningful project that embodies your DNA and your values.

Our multidisciplinary teams bring their operational expertise to our workspace development plan, specifically designed to guarantee a unique experience for all your employees. Your facilities operation is based on usage. The choice and flexibility we offer allow people to decide which environment best suits the different tasks they set out to accomplish: in the function of performing their work or in the simple need to recharge their batteries.


  • Employee satisfaction diagnostic

  • Workspace efficiency analysis

  • Furnishing and acoustics strategy

  • Lighting analysis

  • Consultation workshop on work modalities

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    Our pragmatic approach makes it possible to establish the fundamental benchmarks necessary to promote productivity and encourage employees to meet and share their knowledge in an organic and authentic way.

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