Managing complexity to keep pace with your ambitions.

Managing complexity means knowing how to transform managerial constraints and challenges into opportunities. Today, a company on the move must be capable of imagining places of collaboration differently.

For CDB, there is no prefabricated solution to your challenges. Our approach to complexity is methodological, technological and, above all, human: to renegotiate a lease to optimise a space, install third spaces at the centre of a production environment or ensure perfect continuity between the home and the workplace for each employee to think globally but resolve locally with solutions that are calibrated, effective and participatory.

When we change modes of organisation, by necessity or by strategy, we must lay fertile ground for this transformation. This terrain, our offices, our reception area where we receive our clients, suppliers and associates or our learning spaces, is the key to ownership and the indispensable connection to collaboration.

Our approach is therefore radical:

  • Reset habits by a reformulation of objectives and constraints
  • Optimise, with our tools, our algorithms and our know-how to propose less expensive and more user-friendly solutions
  • Design to respond to both expectations and constraints, using our talent and with the help of artificial intelligence

Our approach is iterative, agile and in collaboration with your teams to allow them to visualise in real-time the results of their expressions of need while respecting financial objectives and regulatory and environmental constraints


  • Organisational and managerial audit

  • Diagnostic We2

  • Project management using the Agile methodology


From holocracy to teleworking, from the transition of digital technology to the current health constraints, our response is measured, iterative, collaborative and at the height of your ambitions.

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